Hi, I'm The Goth Writer. I'm a remote, freelance writer based in, and working from, Newark, NJ. I'm located conveniently close to New York City, my former home. My name is Layla Rose, that's my nom de plume that I use for all of my non-fiction and poetry writing. My Sci-Fi, Fantasy, & Supernatural Thriller will be written under the name T.L. Collins. Highlighted in lime green, please click the link for my new blog. It will open in a new window/tab. Then be sure and get in touch soon, so that we can get started on your next project.

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As you may know, my publicity project wrapped up recently and here's the testimonial that the author wrote for me:

"Layla Rose was an integral part of promoting my debut novel. Her tasks
involved e-mailing, calling and otherwise contacting hundreds upon
hundreds of libraries, bookstores, book clubs, reviewers and similar
groups, and with responding to replies and following-up
as required. She was also required to perform in-depth research on
traditional media, and to administer a large database...

...I found Layla immediately took to the role, asked relevant questions and displayed a remarkably strong work ethic, as was shown by the massive number of organizations contacted. She documented all of her work thoroughly and effectively - the sizable database that was developed as part of this project is an unexpected but much valued asset. She also showed a strong degree of initiative, able to understand my overall goals and find creative ways of helping to achieve them - often finding valuable resources that I had overlooked, or simply not considered."

I am good at what I do, you can be assured. I love doing virtual assistant, marketing, and publicity type work. I also love writing, reading, and researching.

Current Projects

Publicity for Author
Currently Recently worked on publicity for an author for his debut novel.

Hire me to write copy and content for your site or blog

Are you bogged down by tasks that you simply don’t have time for?

Are you in need of convincing, coercive copy for your website or blog? You need look no further. I have a tried and true method of getting your copy to you on time and delivering value to your business.

See my Writing Services Page to learn more about my rates and services...

I’m booked through the end of August. I will be available starting in September. Please do get in touch so that I can get started on your next project.

Published Work

Take some time out to look at my published work on Smashwords and Kindle Direct Publishing, respectively:

Smashwords Author Page
There are 2 short stories there as well as my Poetry Chapbook

KDP Author Page
I have several pieces published on Amazon. 2 short stories, 3 flash fiction tales, and my poetry chapbook

If anyone is interested in reading and writing a review for any of my work, please let me know, as I am planning to do a special promo soon, so the Amazon pieces will be free for a limited time. I will update the info, both here and on my Blog when that happens.

Check out my Zazzle Store for more interesting offers! I have a few stamps featuring some of my abstract art, and more on the way. I'm working on some new designs that are going to be categorized: Dark Office; Goth; Industrial; and Nature collections. Check back soon for updates!

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My Zazzle Store
Some examples of some of my latest abstract art work:
I've created some of it using MS Paint, some is acrylic on watercolor paper, and others are photographs that I've managed to doctor in some way.
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Administrative Assistant

Pharma Books
New York NY

Simon & Schuster
Rockefeller Center
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SNHU Online

 Majored in Communications at Southern New Hampshire University Online. 2010 

University of Phoenix Online

 Studied Communications at the University of Phoenix  Axia College Online. 2006 - 2007 


Majored in Architecture at New York Institute of Technology Central Islip, NY campus 1993 - 1994