Is marketing copy overwhelming you? SEO too confusing? All you need is to hire a freelancer who knows about SEO and how to target your web content to boost your market value. Building up your business is my business.
My secret is that I’m a night owl operator . You need a document ready for a 9 am meeting? That isn’t a problem for me. Let me work tirelessly through the night to get your copy ready so that it will be waiting in your inbox or on Google Docs when you get up.

Don’t worry about deadlines that require early morning modifications and changes. Let the night owl operator get to work, so that fresh copy will be ready when you are. I’ll sleep easy knowing that my copy is finished and delivered on time, every time.

My payment methods are as follows: PayPal and I am now able to take payments through Google Wallet.
Don’t hesitate any longer. Ask me to write anything. I can. My rates are such that I will work my best and be at my best. It will allow me to properly focus on my tasks. I can and will deliver fresh copy content. Are you ready to hire the night owl operator? Please
email me and I will reply to you as promptly as I can.

I currently use Asana to organize my projects, if you'd like to organize a project with multiple assignments using another form of online collaboration, please let me know.

I am available now!!! I am most interested in long-term projects of 3 - 6 mos. I am looking for one flat-rate project and one hourly paid project. At this time I am available to work a maximum of 20 - 24 hours per week collectively.

Get in touch with me by filling out my contact form or email me (using the above hyperlink) and let's discuss the services I can provide, as well as collaboration on your project.

My Freelance Writing Rates:
Flat Rates Per Project

Blog entries - Articles
  • 250 words - $15
  • 350 words $20
  • 500 words - $30
  • 1,000 words - $60
  • 2,000 words - $120

Virtual Assistant Services:

I also offer administrative, virtual assistant services. Do you have a tedious task that just has to be done? Need something typed up, but you just can't bring yourself to hunt and peck on the keyboard? Then look no further, I'm the admin for the job. My rates for administrative services are $25/hour. I am willing to negotiate these rates depending on the assignment, duration, and tasks.

I have years of administrative assistant experience, familiarity with the publishing industry, as well as customer service. If it is in the administrative assistant handbook, then I can do it.